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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
DDR3 1Gx8 PC1600 MT41K1G8TRF-125:E Micron
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 H5TC8G63CMR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 IS43TR16256A-125KBLI ISSI
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 K4B8G1646B-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 MT41K512M8RH-125:E Micron
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 Low Voltage H5TC4G83CFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 Low Voltage H5TC4G83EFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 1.35v K4B4G0846E-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 AS4C256M16D3B-12BIN Alliance
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646E-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646E-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1866 MT41K64M16TW-107:J Micron
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 low power H5TC4G63EFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 H5TC4G63CFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646D-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646E-BMK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646E-BMMA Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 MT41K256M16HA-125:E Micron
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646D-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 MT41K256M16TW-125:P Micron
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 Low Voltage MT41K256M8DA-125:K Micron
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 Low Voltage MT41K256M8DA-125 IT:K Micron
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 K4B2G0846Q-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 K4B2G0846F-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 H5TC2G63GFR-RDA Hynix
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 MT41J128M16JT-125:K Micron
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 1.35V NT5CC128M16IP-DI Nanya
DDR3 128Mx16 1866MHz NT5CC128M16JR-EK Nanya
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 Low Voltage 1.35V H5TC2G63GFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 MT41K128M16JT-125:K Micron
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 K4B2G1646F-BCNB Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646F-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646F-BMK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646F-BMMA Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646F-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 K4B2G1646F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 ind temp MT41K128M16JT-125 IT:K Micron
DDR3 128Mx8 PC1600 K4B1G0846I-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx8 PC1600 NT5CC128M8GN-DI Nanya
DDR3 128Mx8 PC1866 MT41K128M8DA-107:J Micron
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1600 K4B1G1646I-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1600 K4B1G1646I-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1600 NT5CC64M16GP-DI Nanya
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 EM6GE16EWXD-12H Etron
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1333 XAA256M8V90BG8RGF-SSWT Spectek
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1333 PRN128M16V89CG8GNF-15E Spectek
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1333 PRM128M16V89CG8GNF-15E Spectek
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1333 PRN256M8V89CG8GQF-15E Spectek
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1333 H5TQ2G83FFR-H9C Hynix
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1333 PRM256M8V89CG8GQF-15E Spectek
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1600 SGG64M16V88AG8GNF-125 Sepctek
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 PRN512M16V91AG8GPF-125 Spectek
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 MT41K256M16HA-125 IT:E Micron
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 PRN256M16V00HG8GNF-125 Spectek
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 NT5CC256M16DP-DI Nanya
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 PRM256M16V00HG8GNF-125 Spectek
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 K4B8G1646Q-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 K4B8G1646D-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 H5TQ2G63GFR-RDC Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 K4B4G0846E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 automotive K4B4G0846R-BYMA Samsung
DDR2 128Mx16 PC800 Pb free MT47H128M16RT-25E:C Micron
DDR2 64Mx16 PC800 Pb Free K4T1G164QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2 64Mx16 PC800 W971GG6SB-25 Winbond
DDR2 64Mx16 PC800 Pb Free MT47H64M16HR-25E:H Micron
DDR2 64Mx16 PC800 Pb Free MT47H64M16HR-25:H Micron
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 W9751G6KB-25 Winbond
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 lead free, halogen free K4T51163QQ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 BGA NT5TU32M16EG-AC Nanya
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 BGA NT5TU32M16FG-AC Nanya
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 BGA IT grade NT5TU32M16FG-ACI Nanya
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 Lead Free K4T1G084QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 Lead Free K4T1G084QJ-BCF7 Samsung
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 H5PS1G83KFR-S6C Hynix
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 CL5 BGA MT47H128M8CF-25E:H Micron
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 MT47H128M8SH-25E:M Micron
DDR2 64Mx8 PC800 H5PS5182KFR-S5C Hynix
DDR2 64Mx16 PC667 Pb Free K4T1G164QG-BCE6 Samsung
DDR2 32Mx16 PC667 lead free, halogen free K4T51163QG-HCE6 Samsung
DDR2 64MX16 PC800 FBGA MT47H64M16NF-25E:M Micron
DDR2 64MX16 PC800 FBGA Ind. Temp MT47H64M16NF-25E IT:M Micron
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 MT47H128M8SH-25E IT:M Micron
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 MT47H32M16NF-25E IT:H Micron
DDR 64Mx8 PC400 MT46V64M8TG-5B IT:J Micron
DDR 32Mx16 PC400 NT5DS32M16ES-5T Nanya
DDR 16Mx16-5 PB Free W9425G6KH-5 Winbond
DDR 16Mx16 PC400 Pb Free MT46V16M16P-5B:M Micron
DDR 32Mx16 PC400 TSOP Pb Free MT46V32M16P-5B:J Micron
DDR 8Mx16 PC400 W9412G6KH-5 Winbond
DDR 64Mx8 PC400 FBGA Pb Free MT46V64M8CY-5B:J Micron
SD 1Mx16-6 W9816G6JH-6 Winbond
SD 32Mx16-75 Pb Free 133MHz MT48LC32M16A2P-75:C Micron
SD 8Mx16-7E 133MHz CL2 Pb Free MT48LC8M16A2P-7E:L Micron
SD 8Mx16 PC166 Pb Free K4S281632K-UC60 Samsung
SD 16Mx16 PC133 Pb Free MT48LC16M16A2P-7E IT:G Micron
8Mbit Serial Flash Memory W25Q80BLSNIG Winbond
DDR4 Module 288pins PC2666
DDR4 16Gx72 LRDIMM PC2666 (128GB) M386AAK40B40-CWD Samsung Orig [(4H 3DS 8G x 4) x 36C]
DDR4 16Gx72 ECC Reg PC2666 (128GB) M393AAK40B42-CWD Samsung Orig [(4H 3DS 8G x 4) x 36C]
DDR4 8Gx72 ECC Reg PC2666 (64GB) M393A8K40B22-CWD Samsung Orig [8Gx4 36C]
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